House cleaning is not an easy task. On the face, it looks simpler but without planning, it can be wastage of time, besides not much of results.

Home cleaning can be done either:

1) Directly by self, by hiring people or

2) On contractual basis.

Lots of skills, administration, and management is required to do Housecleaning by self, hence people try to avoid it. Another factor is time. In today's busy life, time is a great essence, and people just simply don't have for such jobs.

selection of house cleaning service provider

The second option of handing over the job to home cleaning services or agencies is mostly preferred. If right people are put on right job, automatically job is carried out much better. Cleaning Job is organized by professionals. Doers, who do the job, are trained since they do the job of cleaning frequently, they are experienced, hence better results. 

Short listing of House cleaning services/ Agency:

It is a very important factor. If the selection of House cleaning services is better and selective, the job carried out is better.  Following are the steps for the selection of house cleaning service provider. These points must be considered for transparency, smooth working, and better results:

-  First thing is to make a list of Housecleaning agencies around the area. Their credentials must be checked.

- Quotations are to be invited from 4-5 Housecleaning Agencies with all above details, technical as well as correlated.

- Show the place/ House where cleaning is required, to cleaning agency, for the quantum of job and efforts required by Agency.

-  Ask for manpower deployment by house cleaning agency, for cleaning operation.

- Check for types of equipment and accessories, House cleaning agency would bring for Housecleaning, like Vacuum cleaners, ladders, cleaning items. Toiletries, safety items etc.

- The time required to carry out the executions of House cleaning jobs by Agency.

- References with contact details, of the House Cleaning jobs, carried out by Agency, are required along with quotations.

-  Ascertaining the quality of the job, of Housecleaning Agency, is a very important factor. This can be done by checking out with references, where cleaning job is carried out. Quality of cleaning jobs can be enquired from such references. Further, a visit to the site is preferred, where cleaning Agency has done the job. This way, first-hand information is available, just by looking at the job site.


Finalisation of House cleaning services/ Agency

-  A comparative statement is to make for shortlisted 4-5 Housecleaning Agencies for all points mentioned above.

- Once all the above points are understood, discussed and agreed upon the full satisfaction than negotiation on the final prize can be ascertained and done.

- All points mentioned must be incorporated in well-written agreement binding to both parties.

Execution of job

- Monitoring of House Cleaning job, being carried out, is also a big factor. One has to look into, the job going on as per requirements.

- The job is being carried out with full safety.

- No breakage or damage to property, place or articles is happening.

- Timely execution of the job.